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I am a 1992 graduate of Brian Utting School of Massage in Seattle, Washington. My school offered a wonderfully thorough 1000 hour training, based mainly in injury treatment and deep tissue styled massage. I especially enjoyed my program because of it’s strong focus on understanding the mechanics of our bodies. Through that understanding I hope to help you solve your pain by discovering it’s initiating causes and improve those situations. Further trainings have built upon that knowledge base, broadening the techniques I have to offer in unraveling your aches and pains.

Each massage is my very best effort to help your body become more comfortable and stay that way. No two people are the same, and so I customize each massage to your needs and goals for that day. For this reason, I don’t offer a menu of massage styles, instead I will vary my techniques and approach to that best suited to relaxing the muscles and achieving your goals as we go along.

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You will not get a fluffy massage with me - this is the place to come if you want your muscles worked over! My massage style tends toward broad strokes with an even, strong pressure. In my experience broad, slow pressure is the key to making deep massage enjoyable to anyone, even those who’ve worry deep work is only painful. Alternately, if you’ve been frustrated in the past asking a therapist for more pressure and never getting enough – I’m your gal! I’m capable and happy to give you however much pressure you prefer. Good, collaborative communication throughout your massage will ensure you get the experience you are hoping for!

Trying a new massage therapist can feel like a big risk! It’s relatively expensive and what you receive can vary wildly from therapist to therapist. If you’ve gotten very many massages, you generally know what enjoy and it can be a frustrating disappointment to realize 15 minutes into a massage that you aren’t going to get it. I keep a policy with new clients that I hope eliminates this anxiety. I feel confident enough in your enjoyment of my work that I am happy to offer to this guarantee to new clients: 15 minutes into your massage, if you are not happy with what you are receiving, we can stop and you owe me nothing.


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Frequesntly Asked Questions

When Should I Arrive ?

Please arrive no more than 10 minutes early; there is often someone receiving a massage before you, and while I schedule 15 minutes between appointments, I have no receptionist to greet you. Arriving too early means interrupting the massage of the person before you. If you find yourself arriving early, please wait until nearer your appointment time to come to the door. 

As A First Time Client, What Should I Expect From Beginning To Finish ?

Please arrive no more that 10 min early. I don't currently use intake forms, so there are no forms to fill out. We'll briefly discuss your health history and I'll ask some questions regarding what you'd like to work on during your massage session. I believe in a 60 minute hour, so your massage time will not start until we begin the actual massage. Therefore, for timing reasons, I may save in-depth discussion of your trouble areas for after you are on the table. I'll next show you how to lie on the table, then leave the room to give you time to undress and get comfortable under the covers. The table itself is cozily heated, with flannel sheets and a soft blanket, plus an additional heating pad across your middle. You may opt out of either heat or blanket (but not the top sheet) if you prefer. I will knock to be sure you are covered and ready before re-entering the room. After your session is over, I'll again leave the room to give you time to relax and get dressed, then meet you back in the main room. At this point you'll pay for your massage. We'll also discuss any questions about your session and schedule future sessions if like. Any and all feedback is welcome!

Do I Have To Be Covered By  A Sheet ?

Yes. Draping is Oregon state law and no exceptions will be made. If you are concerned about being over-hot, I will do my best to make you comfortable with a fan and uncovering limbs or your back. Private areas will NEVER be exposed. Women's breasts are always covered.

What Parts Of The Body Will Be Massaged ?

I work on all parts of the body, however genitalia will never be worked on. If there are any areas you don't want massaged, be sure to let me know. Breasts will not be massaged, however If you are recovering from a mastectomy or heavy scarring somewhere else, we can discuss working to free up scar tissue in those areas. You may choose to spend the entire session on just a few tight areas, for instance only the back and neck. Alternately, a full body massage would include arms, hands, legs, feet, back, shoulders, neck, and upper chest. Sometimes I work the psoas (deep belly) through the sheet, particularly if low back pain is an issue.

Can I Get A 'Happy Ending' ?

ABSOLUTELY NEVER!! It's frustrating this even needs to be addressed, but unfortunately, for some people, there are lingering misconceptions around massage in this area. I give strictly therapeutic massage and will not tolerate being solicited for sexual services.

How often Do I Need A Massage ?

This depends on your goals and if you are seeking relief from pain. Once a week for at least 4 weeks should tell you if massage is going to really help your issue. Generally, the longer something has been a problem, the longer it may take to alleviate. The closer the massage sessions are, the greater the outcome will be. In a perfect world, one massage every week keeps many chronic issues from developing, and should an issue crop up, it may only take one or two massages to be rid of it. (This is the massage schedule I use for myself) If you are looking for maintenance and general relaxation, then once a month or every two weeks should be very helpful.

Do I have To Take Off All My Clothes ?

No. This is entirely up to you and your comfort level. The more comfortable you are, the better you are able to relax and enjoy your session. Many people chose to wear underwear the first time and then realize my draping technique is very secure and opt for no clothes in future massages. I'm very happy to discuss whatever concerns you may have; there's no need for embarrassment!! You will always be left in complete privacy to disrobe and get on and off the table. My draping ensures your private areas are always well covered, no matter if we are working on legs, back, hips, or stomach. This being said, most of my techniques work directly on the skin and with oil, so wearing clothes during the massage may potentially limit the techniques I can easily use and take away from your experience, especially if hip pain is an area you wish to address.

Does Deep Tissue massage Hurt ?

Most clients describe the pain from massage as 'good pain'. The pressure should never exceed your pain tolerance. I strive for a pressure that is, at most, slightly challenging, but mostly satisfying ~ we are aiming for 'hurts so good' and avoiding 'no pain, no gain'. Nerve pain (electric shooting pain) is never OK; I will stop what I'm doing and change my approach. Sometimes pain may be felt at a different site than where I am working. This is common and not nerve, but instead a referral pain from muscle. I will help you distinguish between nerve pain and muscle referral pain. Always communicate with me what you feel, especially if it doesn't feel good.

Will I Be Sore After My Massage ?

If we have spent a lot of concentrated time on an area, you may be sore for a couple of days. This is normal and once the soreness leaves, it should feel better than before the massage. If you are sore for more than 2 days, I have over-worked you (this is rare). Please let me know this happened and we will do less in the next massage. Drinking water will help with soreness and you should always drink lots of water after a massage! Think of your muscles like a sponge; we are squeezing out the toxins, which move into your blood to be purged away through the kidneys and liver. The more water, the easier and more swiftly this happens, and the less icky you will feel (most folks feel wonderful after massages and not icky at all!). Icing any sore areas can also be very helpful. If you have not had massage in a long time (6 months or more), THIS is the massage you are most likely to be sore after. In my experience, this level of soreness does not occur in subsequent massages, unless you again wait a very long time to have another one. Very, very rarely someone will become nauseous after this dry-spell-1st-massage (in my nearly 30 years of massage this has happened only a handful on times). The solution is drinking more water ~ more water is the solution to most any ill feeling after a massage.

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